AQUILA RED SERIES® (the first alternative to the metal wound strings)


Who never dreamed of tuning the ukulele in low G, without expensive and fast rusty metal wound strings?

Wound strings shows problems that on  ukulele are very considered:

  • shorter lifetime than the treble strings
  • sound power too bright and intrusive compared to the plastic treble strings
  • noise caused by the fingers of the left hand
  • rapid oxidation of the metal wire during the storage & after a certain time

We are

happy to announce that  the unwound fourth strings now finally exist. From now, you will finally be able to install ukulele in Low G ensuring sound power, sound quality and intonation on frets fully integrated with that of the upper treble strings.

Granted: no oxidation of the metal wire in case of acid sweat!

  • Color: red-brown
  • Surface: slightly rough; this texture has eliminated the squeak that sometime hapen with the Nylguts.
  • Elasticity/Elongation: like Nylgut & Supernylgut strings
  • Performances:  They do not breacks under stretching. fast and stable tuning
  • Intonation: accurate past the 12th fret
  • Pressing strongly the string on the frets, the note does not became sharper
  • It is not necessary to file the nut slot wider

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